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New Life In Christ: New Building Construction in Peru!

The LORD has opened the doors again and is constructing a new building in Chiclayo, Peru to continue advancing the Kingdom of God!

Check back again soon for more updates and details!

To Donate to the Peru Building Project


New Life in Christs exists to give all glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Raised up by the Spirit of God, we are dedicated to preaching the true gospel, offering salvation, blessing with signs, wonders, miracles, freedom, and healing, while teaching people how to walk with Christ. Please join any one of our services in English or in Spanish.

Worship Band


The Lord is moving in miraculous ways through His teaching series "But Now In The New Testament, Christ Redeemed Us From The Curse of Sin, Becoming A Curse By Being Hung On A Tree".


The Holy Spirit continues to heal His people of spiritual, physical and emotional afflictions.

Check out these incredible testimonies of the goodness of the Lord!

Miraculous Physical Healing
Deliverance & Emotional Healing
Breaking of Generational Curses
Liberation of Mental Illness
Freedom from Curses & Healing
Generational Curses of Cancer Broken
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