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New Life
     in Christ

About Us

Preaching the true gospel, offering salvation, blessing others with signs, wonders and miracles while teaching people how to walk with Christ.

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We are so grateful for all that the LORD has done in New Life in Christ! Check out our newest testimony from one of our new members!

Estamos agradecido para todo que El Señor nos da en Nueva Vida en Cristo! Mira un nuevo testimonio desde un miembro nuevo!



Elizabeth J. Anacleto is our New Life in Christ Missionary to Perú! For more information, visit our website at

Elizabeth J. Anacleto es nuestra misionera de Nueva Vida en Cristo a Perú! Para más información, visita nuestra página en

What's New

During the Thursday Family Group in Perú, there were 2 people who received salvation during the teaching! There were several testimonies during the teaching about miracles the LORD gave to His children!

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NLIC Virginia is witnessing powerful angelic movements during ministration of the Lord's presence and through life-changing teachings!! Email us @ to connect and experience what the Lord wants to share with His true disciples! 

Sundays @9:30am

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm

Fridays @ 6:00pm

Saturdays at New life in Christ

The LORD has called New Life in Christ: Virginia to meet every Saturday morning at the church and bless others in the shopping center through prayer!

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to see what you missed

during the Feast of Tabernacles!

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